Interorganizational Networks in Public Organizations: The Educational Technological Complex

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The research analyzed the governance of networks in public organizations through the case of the Educational Technological Complex - CTE in Campinas/SP. The creation of the CTE confirms the trend in recent decades of public research organizations intensifying their inter-organizational articulations as a strategy to deal with budget constraints, staff replacement, and the creation of opportunities from partnerships with different actors to better meet social demands. To analyze this case, we conducted a document analysis and interviews with CTE professionals. The analytical approach is structured in two parts (a) institutional, focused on the formation of inter-organizational relationships, and (b) articulations and interdependencies, dedicated to the “links” between organizations. The creation of the CTE had a strong hierarchical component, low level of formalization, and failures in alignment and governance, leading to its non-institutionalization as a network and limiting the achievement of the desired results.

Gestão & Planejamento - G&P, v. 23(1)(p. 113‑136)

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Beatriz Couto Ribeiro, PhD
Beatriz Couto Ribeiro, PhD

My research interests include policy evaluation of science, technology, and innovation (STI) in energy, water, and sewage sectors.