Innovation Dynamics of the State Basic Sanitation Companies

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Despite the few empirical research, innovation in the Brazilian Basic Sanitation sector is an increasingly debated topic, Therefore, this study aimed to explore the structures and activities of Brazilian basic sanitation companies in research, development, and innovation (RDI). To achieve this the research conducted an empirical study of the state companies of basic sanitation, hereafter called CESBs, through a survey based on Innovation Research (Pintec) and secondary data. The survey examines the following aspects introduction of product, process, organizational and marketing innovation; types of innovative activities developed; funding for RDI; cooperation for RDI; intellectual property; impacts of innovations; organizational structure for innovation management; innovation management system; and barriers to innovation management. The results indicate that the CESBs have structures and develop actions in RDI; however, these activities are not strategic for the companies analyzed.

Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental, v. 27(p. 305‑314)

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Beatriz Couto Ribeiro, PhD
Beatriz Couto Ribeiro, PhD

My research interests include policy evaluation of science, technology, and innovation (STI) in energy, water, and sewage sectors.